The four-year anniversary of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is approaching, and this the Sandy Hook Promise PSA about gun violence is something we all need to watch. Sandy Hooks Promise is a non-profit organization created by the families who lost children in the horrifying school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The organization intends to inform students, parents, and educators about preventative actions to take against gun violence. According to Sandy Hooks Promise, there are signs that indicate the potential for gun violence that people can look out for. If we know what to look for, which is the trickiest part about this chilling PSA.

While gun violence is not something we want to live in fear of 24/7, the message of the PSA is about how much a basic awareness of others’ behaviors could potentially prevent a calamity. Have a watch for yourself:

The unsettling ending to the totally cute high school love story was an alarming wake-up call to our willful ignorance — or even just our harmless optimism, which causes us to miss important indicators that someone could be hurting enough to plan a school shooting or any act of violence. One of the signs in the video is a boy getting bullied in the background while one of the characters walks down the hall. It’s hard not to think about what kind of seemingly “normal” things like that we’ve all missed in our day-to-day lives.

Credit: Sandy Hook Promise
Credit: Sandy Hook Promise

If one thing can be learned from the video, it’s that simple awareness of others and our surroundings can go a long way. The PSA posits that this heightened awareness of others will allow us to prevent future mass-shooting incidents and that we are not helpless in putting an end to gun violence. It feels hopeless sometimes, but being more aware and empathetic of everyone around us might help.

The PSA’s main message is:

and the passion behind Sandy Hooks Promise is conveyed through ‘Evan.'”

The Sandy Hook massacre was an unimaginable event and anything that the parents who lost children in the event and gun law reform advocates wish to tell us about gun violence is definitely worth listening to.