Bradleigh-Ann Walker
Updated Dec 08, 2016 @ 10:58 am
Target hatchimal
Credit: Shutterstock

If you’ve been desperately seeking the most impossible-to-get toy of the season, you’re in serious luck — Target is restocking Hatchimals THIS WEEKEND. This is NOT a drill, people!

According to their press release, U.S. Target locations will be receiving dozens of Hatchimals on Sunday (December 11th), and they’ll be available only while supplies last.

What is a Hatchimal, you ask? It’s only the ~hottest~ toy of the season. Think Tamagotchi meets those life-like babies you probably had when you were a kid that peed and “pooped,” but EVEN MORE INTERACTIVE. You get this egg and then an animal hatches and it learns to walk and TALK. They’ve become so popular this year, that they’ve sent parents into a frenzy. Think Jingle All The Way frenzy, minus Arnold Schwarzenegger. Watch the HG office try to raise our very own Hatcnhimal (and you’ll get the obsession):

If you don’t manage to get your hands on a Hatchimal this Sunday, Target is also offering Hatchimal-themed gift cards to ease the disappointment.

Hatchimals are available for $59.99 at Target, and you’ll be limited to two per customer.

Target’s competition is jumping into the fray as well! Walmart will be restocking 1,700 stores with Hatchimals, each available at $48.88.

Credit: Spin Master

And if all else fails, the official Hatchimals Instagram is giving you a THIRD chance at victory — they’re doing a giveaway until December 18th. They’ll be giving away one Hatchimal every day for the next week and a half.

If the Hatchimal gods abandon you during the holiday season, though, the toys will definitely be restocked for the New Year. We’re just going to go ahead and nickname this “The Hatchimal Games.” May the odds be ever in your favor!