Picture of Friends Cheesecake
Credit: NBC

Hurricane Irma has been crashing through the Caribbean and Cuba on its path to Florida and parts of the southeast. So what does local grocery store Publix do? They do what people do when they’re facing a crisis: They eat their feelings in the form of Hurricane Irma cakes.

Sadly, the massive storm has left catastrophic damage in its wake. 23 people have died so far. Even Disney World is closed. Plus, the world is still picking up the pieces after Hurricane Harvey and Thursday night’s devastating earthquake in Mexico. So Publix is feeling the urge to bake their feelings.

The grocery chain has been selling cakes with hurricane patterns and “IRMA” written in icing. Points for creativity maybe, but not necessarily for sensitivity. Of course, people are having some mixed reactions. But many of them are calling this “so Florida” or “the most Florida thing ever.”

Here’s what one of the cakes looks like.


This one is trying to send a message to the hurricane.

This one is maybe encouraging? Plus it’s made of superior cookie cake.

Just add this cake to the list of supplies you need to hunker down.

Some of the cakes went wayyyyyy over the top.

There definitely seems to be a line between tasteful encouragement and way too much when it comes to these cakes.

People pointed out that the seriousness of the storm makes the joke not so funny.


But Publix responded positively, standing by making light of the situation.

Maybe the people of Florida will take solace in the light humor, as some Twitter users pointed out.

Either way, Floridians, stock up on supplies and stay safe out there. And if you’re not directly affected by Irma or the next storm, Jose, know your support will be needed more than ever. Here’s a list of ways to help those in Irma’s path. Also, Houston is still very much in need of supplies and recovery aid after Hurricane Harvey. Here’s a list of ways to help.