Hillary Clinton Staff Members And Volunteers Work In Their Vegas Campaign Office
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

By now, you probably know that we love animals. So. Much. From the teensiest animals to the biggest, the cutest and the most bizarre, we definitely have a soft spot for our furry (and, well, not-so-furry) friends. But not everyone is a huge animal lover. As if this presidential election wasn’t stressful enough, we have more curious news. We just learned that The Humane Society is making a rare presidential endorsement for Hillary Clinton because it believes Donald Trump would be bad for animals.

Recently, The Humane Society released a new ad saying that Donald Trump is a “threat to animals everywhere.”

Yep, cue giant freak out, because how CREEPY does that sound?

In a blog post by Humane Society Legislative Fund President Michael Markarian, the organization explained,

Another reason the organization is pro-Clinton is because of the role animals have played in her life.

But, they say, Trump hasn’t had much of a connection to the love of animals.

Still, it isn’t just about who does and doesn’t like animals. It comes down to legislation surrounding the treatment of animals, and our environment.

And The Humane Society doesn’t think Trump is the one for the job.