baby-sitters club books
Credit: Scholastic

Before you were a Carrie, a Samantha, a Miranda, or a Charlotte (or decidedly none of the above), there’s a good chance you identified as a Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory, or Jessi. And now, thanks to Audible, you can reacquaint yourself with the whole remarkably ambitious cast of Ann M. Martin’s beloved The Baby-Sitters Club series.

On August 13th, Audible released all 131 The Baby-Sitters Club books as audiobooks, marking the first time ever that the middle-grade novels are available in this format. And if it weren’t exciting enough to have over 100 refreshingly earnest, utterly nostalgic stories streaming through your AirPods, the audio entertainment platform also snagged megastar Elle Fanning to narrate the first five novels in the series. A cast of eight voice actresses take over narrating duties for the remaining books.

The series, which was published between 1986 and 2000, is clearly undergoing a resurgence. Recently, Netflix ordered a 10-part Baby-Sitters Club reboot, casting Alicia Silverstone as BSC member Kristy Thomas’ mother. And even aside from the nostalgia-mania that’s currently rocking our culture, the books’ continued popularity makes sense.

Though Martin’s first book, Kristy’s Great Idea, was published more than 30 years ago—and those infamous paperback covers feature some delightfully ’90s fashion (so. many. scrunchies.)—the Baby-Sitters Club’s themes are still hyper-relevant. Female friendship, entrepreneurship, family drama, keeping your cool in the face of detractors and bullies (we can’t be the only ones who’re still kinda scared of Cokie Mason)—even as actual adult people, we can still learn a lot from these absurdly young business owners.

So download the audiobooks, put away your podcasts, and prepare for some especially sentimental commutes for your foreseeable future.