People are tweeting "the '90s in a gif," and the results are epic

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The internet is a wondrous, mysterious place. And today, March 19th–for reasons still unknown—”#The90sInAGif” is trending. As in, people are tweeting gifs that they feel best encapsulate the 1990s (aka the decade of dial-up internet, Beanie Babies, and countless trips to your local Claire’s). And we’re loving every second of it. The glorious gifs range from catch phrases, to popular scenes in movies and TV shows, to iconic cultural moments.

Here are just a few of the best.

We honestly could keep going forever, but we’ll stop here for the sake of your work day (though you can find way more on Twitter). And—at least according to our internet digging—it seems as though the hashtag originated with the account Hashtag Roundup, which creates viral hashtag games and challenges. Well done, guys.

What ’90s moment would you post?

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