Karen Belz
March 20, 2018 12:23 pm

Even though they’re definitely not in a romantic relationship, we’re still shipping them. Hard. Olympic skating partners Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show after fans campaigned to get them on. Virtue noted that while they’re both pretty private, it was nice to share the 2018 Winter Olympic experience with their many followers via social media.

And DeGeneres got right to it. “A lot of people are saying that there’s more than just chemistry there, that you’re a couple,” she asked them, as Moir and Virtue looked at each other with smiles. Unfortunately, Virtue dashed our dreams once again. “We are not, but we always say that that’s a big compliment,” she said. On the ice, the two are telling a story. So, they’re not together — they’re just really good at their craft.

DeGeneres then did what any one would do to two suspiciously close platonic coworkers: She forced them to play The Dating Game — er, actually the “Definitely Not” Dating Game. And let’s just say that for two people who swear they’re only colleagues, they know a lot about each other. Like, weird stuff. Stuff you may not even know about your own significant other.

Virtue knew that Moir’s favorite show is The Office, his celebrity crush is Reese Witherspoon (specifically in Walk The Line,) and his biggest fear is mascots (LOL). Moir knew that Virtue would want Emma Watson to play her in a movie, and that her guilty pleasure is chocolate (though he noted no one should feel guilty about that…awww).

But again, they’re definitely not dating.

However, if they ever do decide to give love a shot, we’ll support it 100%.