Some rad teenagers explaining why boys should do housework

We believe wholeheartedly in girl power, feminism, and Destiny’s Child-style independence, but even we have to admit that male allies are half the battle.

Accordingly, The Thomas Reuters Foundation has been working on a short documentary about the Gender Equity Movement in Schools (or GEMS), an innovative school in Mumbai, India where boys and girls are being taught about the importance of equality between the genders—and if this two-minute preview is any indicator, the program is working.

“When people see a boy doing housework they ask, why is he doing that work,” says one boy in the clip. “No one ever says this to girls. Only boys get these comments.”

But as another boy points out, the drive toward gender equity will only come once young people like him are parents and begin treating their male and female children as equals.

“I will get married and change this perception” he says. “The change will continue with my children and their generation will end discrimination between boys and girls.”

Check out the whole clip below:

(Image via YouTube)

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