Women'S Liberation Movement In Washington, United States On August 26, 1970 -
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If you needed proof that the younger generation is totally killing it went it comes to social issues, look no further. This teenager is petitioning for fair representation in her school, and we are all about it. Liv Jones is only 14 years old, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t already making a huge impact.

Liv’s school recently added new classrooms to their building. The administration proposed the idea of naming them after important historical figures. Sounds pretty nice, right? In reality, Liv quickly noticed that there were very few female names put forth. And with a single Facebook post, Liv decided to make a difference.

Liv started a petition and a Facebook page called Rooms Of Our Own.

As many women learn throughout their lives, there is strength in numbers. After talking it over with her mother and close friends, Liv Jones decided to start a petition to have the school put forth an equal amount of names for both genders. Because history wasn’t made only by men.

That plan went out the window the moment that Caitlin Moran signed and re-tweeted the petition. false

While thousands of people lent their support to Liv’s fight for fair representation, many others started to bully her. Online trolls called her a “feminazi” and all sorts of horrible things.

Luckily, Liv didn’t listen to the haters.

Instead, Liv worked harder and doubled her efforts. She’s also been speaking with other feminists and shared her story a podcast called the Guilty Feminist. Hopefully, other young girls will be inspired by Liv’s actions.