Sammy Nickalls
March 30, 2015 10:32 am

Superheroes come in all sorts of forms: Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman. . .and Academic Man, as one driven teacher has from Oklahoma has proven.

Kathy Ice has been a science teacher for almost 20 years, and she currently teaches 8th grade science at Guthrie Junior High in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This morning was the annual education rally, which thousands of teachers attended to support a movement to improve education and stop budget cuts to education. Unfortunately, the rally took place at the State Capitol, over 20 miles away from Guthrie Junior High. Kathy is teaching her students today and wanted to help them prepare for tests, so she wasn’t able to attend. But that didn’t stop her from making a difference in her own way. . . and in the absolute BEST way.

Kathy decided to spend all of yesterday walking from Guthrie to the State Capitol to represent all teachers who couldn’t attend.

But that’s not all. Kathy walked in style, dressed as “Academic Man,” all decked out in yellow, red, and blue with a big “A” on her chest. The reason? Because teachers “help create real-life superheroes in the form of scientists, journalists, doctors, dentists…the list goes on and on,” she told KOCO.

Kathy also had a message for legislators in control of budget cuts. “I think that the legislators have to realize that . . . budget cuts are out there, and I understand that, but we can’t handle any more cuts,” Kathy told KOCO. “We just can’t. So we need support. We need people to know we’re out here, and we’re trying.”

So why walk 20 miles? Kathy wants as many people to notice the rally as possible, and people are going to notice an amazing super-heroine walking down the street. She wants to let the teachers who couldn’t attend the rally have a voice, in their own way, since they were busy molding the minds of young children.

Luckily, Kathy came to their rescue, and we totally love her amazing drive, motivation, and passion for her kids. “[Teachers who couldn’t attend] don’t want to let our voices not be heard, and so I kinda thought, you know, I used to run and you know, I got it in me to do this,” Kathy told Oklahoma’s News On 6.

We hear you, Kathy, and we think you’re one smart superhero. <3

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