Toria Sheffield
Updated Mar 09, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

When most of us think “educator,” we think mentor, we think caring, and (hopefully) we think compassionate. However, Louisiana math teacher Randolph Perez of Pickering High School has failed on all three counts. Students arrived in class on Thursday, March 8th, to find the following racist message displayed on his white board:

“To the moronic, self-obsessed ethnic who stole the mouse from the back computer: the fact that you do not know both your parents, and that the so called adults that are caring for you can not afford a five dollar part because they are too busy buying drugs and coring cigars at the Shop-Rite does not change the fact that you are nothing more than a two bit thief and a waste of carbon and oxygen.”

There are almost no words.

The heinous incident went viral after senior Brittny Taylor took a picture of the note with her phone and posted it to her Facebook account. Taylor told BuzzFeed News that when she arrived to class, “he [Perez] was walking around the class saying whoever took it is probably on food stamps and welfare.” She also noted that Perez has called her “white trash” and “dumb” in the past.

Toree Gradillas, a former graduate of Pickering High, told BuzzFeed News that she knew of complaints against Perez as far back as three years ago when she was in school.

Mike Kay, the assistant superintendent of the Vernon Parish school district, told BuzzFeed that, “Vernon Parish does not condone this behavior or support his statements. As soon as the employee returns to work, we’ll be dealing with this as it’s a serious matter.” However, there’s no word on exactly what type of punishment Perez will receive, or even if he’ll be let go from his position.

One thing is 100% clear: This man should have zero access to young hearts and minds, and we sincerely hope the school district relieves him of his position ASAP. There is no excuse for this type of language or rhetoric anywhere — let alone in the classroom.