Lindsey Sirera
March 29, 2017 3:52 pm
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Being Meredith Grey or Olivia Benson (as in Taylor Swift’s cats and *not* the TV characters for which they’re named) kind of sounds like the ultimate dream. Jet-setting across the globe, living it up in their NYC penthouse, taking selfies with famous people, and having the coolest cat mama in the world — these cats have it so good, Choupette might even get a bit jealous.

And while TSwift’s given her Scottish Fold cats a ~wonderful~ life, she’s subsequently also given great popularity to the breed. And now, unfortunately, the SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is warning that said breed is subject to some serious health issues and is calling for breeders to immediately stop, well, breeding them.

Apparently, these owl-faced, floppy-eared kitties have been so overbred that they’re now subject to a genetic mutation that causes horrible arthritis. This can lead the cute cats to suffer and live painful lives, and therefore many vets are calling for a ban to end their breeding.

“It is common for the breed to suffer from serious health problems. The cartilage and bones do not develop properly, which leads to arthritis and other painful joint diseases that can cause reluctance to move, abnormal posture and gait, lameness and short, misshapen limbs,” SSPCA chief told Scottland’s The Times.

“We welcome any change to legislation to prevent the breeding and sale of Scottish fold cats.”

While there are currently no breeding bans in place, it’s probably best to avoid buying these kitties for their own sake. After all, there are ~so~ many wonderful, loving kitties in shelters across the country that are in desperate need of loving homes. And we’d wager they’re just as cute, too!

And pah-lease, listen: there’s no need to throw shade at any Scottish Fold owners, like Tay, who love their cats dearly and have given them great homes. They’d never do anything to hurt cats; they love cats!

While we may not be rushing out to get our own Scottish Folds anytime soon, we’re certainly still looking forward to seeing pics of Taylor’s sweet felines.