If you’re a Swiftie, there’s a very good chance that a certain piece of Taylor Swift speculation had you a little freaked out on Friday morning—but we now know it’s not true. Fans were convinced that Swift had gotten her first tattoo, but apparently, it was a false alarm.

It all started when tattoo artist JonBoy posted a photo of the back of a blonde woman’s head with a fresh tattoo of a rose on the back of her neck with absolutely no explanation…but he did tag Swift and set the location as “Welcome To New York,” which is one of Swift’s songs from her 1989 album.

It makes sense that people would think it was Swift—the tag and the location seemed to be a giveaway. But it’s someone else (unclear who), as Refinery29 confirmed, so don’t worry; Swift didn’t get a tattoo without telling all of us.

Still, fans totally freaked out on Twitter, and the reaction is kind of hilarious.


But then people quickly realized that it wasn’t her.

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Sorry, Swifties—it just wasn’t meant to be. But hopefully if Swift ever does get a tattoo, she’ll fill us all in. Maybe a couple of cats in honor of Meredith and Olivia?