One of the best things about pop music is how pretty much everyone can relate to it. We all have songs that cheer us up when we’re feeling down or that we can scream along to when we need to blow off steam. And recently, one of pop’s biggest stars, Taylor Swift, opened up about the pop songs that mean the most to her—including some that helped get her through breakups.

In a new essay for Elle UK‘s music issue,Swift wrote about the power of pop music, specifically delving into the songs that have special meaning to her. While some of these songs make her think of driving through her home town or being on tour, she also shared the songs that, as she put it, “have healed [her] heart.”

The singer also acknowledged the importance of including personal details in pop songs, even if they don’t describe something that everyone has experienced.

We definitely agree, Tay. Elle UK‘s full music issue will be available on March 7th, and you can read the rest of Swift’s essay here.