Picture of Taylor Swift Wedding Flowers
Credit: Lexi Gonzales /

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has a, well, reputation. (Sorry.) But a big part of that reputation is how kind and generous Swift can be to her fans. It’s an admirable quality in any person with a public presence. But we especially love Swift’s acts of kindness toward her fans because they always seem so genuine and personal. And her most recent gift is no exception: Taylor Swift sent a couple flowers with a sweet personal note on their wedding day.

Lexi and Brittany, high school sweethearts, dated for nine years before deciding to get married. According to their wedding website, they cite Taylor Swift’s song “Love Story” as a huge part of their relationship. In fact, the couple even used lyrics from the song as part of their proposal!

“Her entire proposal was straight from the heart, no hand written [sic] speech,” Lexi wrote. “I remember I couldn’t stop shaking. I kept thinking, this is the moment, after all these years… I’m about to say YES! She ended her speech with the best line of all time. As she got down on one knee she said… ‘So I talked to your dad, now it’s time to pick out a white dress…will you marry me?'”

Of course, those are lyrics from Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.”

And we’re completely in love. The only thing more adorable than Lexi and Brittany’s sweet proposal? The beautiful flowers and heartfelt note that Taylor Swift sent them on their wedding day!

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Congratulations, Lexi and Brittany! We wish you all the best in the next phase of your love story.