Anna Sheffer
Updated May 15, 2019 @ 10:55 am

Taylor Swift has been dating her current partner, Joe Alwyn, for about two years now. But—as many devoted fans will recall—she dated pop star Joe Jonas way back in 2008. Both singers have clearly moved on in the decade since, but Swift recently admitted that she regrets the way she acted during their breakup—at least in one specific way.

Swift appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, May 15th (it’s been about four years since her last appearance on the show). During her interview, the “Me!” singer opened up about the most “rebellious” thing she did as a teenager.

Swift clarified that she and Jonas “laugh about it now,” but she still made it clear that she regretted her behavior.

As USA Today notes, when Swift appeared on DeGeneres’s show in 2008, she told the host that she and Jonas hadn’t been in contact since ending their relationship. She also threw some shade his way for dumping her over the phone.

Watch the initial clip below with baby Taylor.

Degeneres, however, admitted she didn’t remember the moment at all on the recent episode. LOL.

We’ve all said things as teenagers (and, let’s be real, as full-grown adults) that make us look back and cringe, so we get it, girl. We’re just glad everyone can laugh about it now.