Natasha Reda
February 25, 2019 9:07 am

Taylor Swift just vicariously made our dreams come true by showing up to sing at one lucky couple’s small engagement party. The singer, who’s known to go above and beyond for her fans, surprised Alexander Goldschmidt and his fiancé, Ross Girard, over the weekend of February 22nd with an acoustic version of her song “King of My Heart.” The performance was part of Goldschmidt’s surprise proposal plan. During his party toast, he thanked his friends and family for keeping the engagement a secret; however, he admitted there was one secret he didn’t tell anyone about.

Then, in walked Swift, her guitar in hand. She revealed that Goldschmidt emailed her team to tell her he was going to propose, and that “King of My Heart,” was very special to him and Girard. “This is from Alex, but sung by me,” she said, before beginning to play.

Watch Swift’s performance in the video below.

She also posed for a few photos with the happy couple:

Goldschmidt could not have been happier with how it all went down, later tweeting that “Swift is an angel who gives the best gifts.”

It’s safe to say this engagement was Taylor-made.