Arielle Tschinkel
June 06, 2019 7:42 am

Taylor Swift recently released new merch to welcome her new era. It’s appropriately vibrant and candy-colored to match her new single “ME!,” its whimsical music video, and Swift’s equally bubbly new Instagram aesthetic. It’s a stark departure from the red and black tones of her Reputation era, that’s for sure.

But some eagle-eyed fans noticed a pretty glaring typo on one of Swift’s new shirts, which are available for sale on her official website. While some Swifties are complaining about the less-than-diligent design error, others think it might actually be one of Swift’s infamous Easter eggs. Either way, the shirt with the typo could be worth big bucks one day.

Here’s the “ME!” merch typo in question.

In the printed lyrics from “ME!,” the apostrophe in “you’re” is out of place. The irony is rich, given that in another lyric from the song, Swift croons, “Spelling is fun!” Oops.

Some Swifties couldn’t believe the inaccuracy of the typo, especially given the “spelling is fun” part of the same exact song.

Others actually think it might have been a deliberate error.

Could it be a subtle nod-and-wink to the line in the song, or a secret message?

Swift hasn’t addressed the typo yet, nor whether the shirt has been or will be fixed. It seems that not every shirt features the typo, so stay tuned, Swifties, and check your closets.