Taylor Swift is officially not afraid to get political. In the lead-up the 2018 midterm elections, she endorsed two candidates for the first time in her career. Before that, she shared an Instagram post urging her followers to register to vote. Swift’s plea to her fans worked, leading to a huge increase in voter registration. And it looks like this new civically minded Taylor is here to stay.

During a May 24th interview with German news outlet RTL, the “ME!” singer reportedly explained that her seventh album will be more political than her past music. She added that she wants to continue her recent efforts to get young people politically engaged.

The 29-year-old pop star avoided talking about politics for years.

When she gave her first political endorsements in an October 2018 Instagram post, she explained why she’d decided to break her silence.

We’re 100% here for Swift’s political activism, and we know that she’ll be able to make a difference with her platform. Now, if only we knew her new album’s release date.