Here’s the adorable meaning behind Taylor Swift’s necklace in the new “Delicate” video, and it’s honestly too cute

It’s a love story (baby just say yes). That is, Taylor Swift’s subtle accessory choice in the new dressed-down video for her song “Delicate” seems to be a shout-out to her boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn, and we’re feeling all the feels about it.

Swift released the original video version of “Delicate” earlier this month, but at midnight on Friday, March 30th, the singer debuted a second take on the song off her new album, reputation. This time, instead of seriously shaking it off in a fabulous flapper dress, Swift is singing the song alone in what looks to be the woods in a black tee — and an appropriately delicate silver charm necklace engraved with a “J” (AS IN JOE!).

Swift and Alwyn have reportedly been seeing each other for a little more than a year now, though they’ve kept the relationship largely private. Unless, of course, you know where to look, i.e. a big chunk of Swift’s album. There a plenty of little details in the songs and videos from reputation that maybe (read: totally) could be tributes to Alwyn. The “End Game” video, for example, was shot in Alwyn’s hometown of London and apparently featured places the two had been together. Then there’s the fact that in “Call It What You Want,” she literally sings I want to wear his initial on a chain ’round my neck.” She also seems to be wearing the necklace in question in the “End Game” video and had been spotted in it elsewhere.

The thing about this new “Delicate” video and the legendary necklace, though, is that Swift does this thing where she actually points to it, so naturally, she wants us (and Joe, obviously) to know its major significance.

A bunch of media outlets have suggested the charm might be this one from Tiffany & Co., and at $75 for the disc and $60 for a simple silver chain, it’s actually a relatively affordable trinket for Swift. (And yes, there are other letters available besides J if you’re working on your Swift style.)

Now we’re kind of curious about the backstory of the necklace itself. Was it a gift from Alwyn? Something Swift bought to wear her feelings on her, well, neck? Whatever its origins, it’s clear that the silvery shine is nowhere near wearing off for these two.

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