Claire Harmeyer
Updated Jan 31, 2020 @ 1:23 pm

Swifties, we’re sure you had one hell of a night watching Miss Americana until the wee hours, so if you’re tired at work today, we don’t blame you. We also don’t blame you if you’re grinning ear to ear thinking about how happy Joe Alwyn seems to make Taylor Swift in the documentary. Oh, and if you’re watching the clip where she mouths, “I love you” to Alwyn on repeat, again, no shame.

Miss Americana premiered on Netflix at midnight last night, and Taylor Swift fans are truly freaking out over the film. Swifties have waited a long time to catch an up-close glimpse of Taylor and Joe’s relationship because the couple is private AF. OG fans have waited even longer to see Tay happily in love, and the moment appears to finally be here. She has found her lover, and chosen to share some of the deets with us.

In Miss Americana, Swift is seen running offstage to engulf Alwyn in a hug, and the couple embraces for a while, giving Swifties what they’ve been asking for for years.

We’re swooning over that forehead kiss. In another clip, Swift sings one of her singles from Reputation, “Call It What You Want,” to an unseen person (*cough* Joe) and mouths, “I love you” to that person. We can’t see his reaction, but we’re guessing he mouthed the same thing. I mean, how could he not? Tay is singing a love song she wrote for him to him while wearing fuzzy fox socks. True love.

Swift also points her fuzzy socks-clad feet at Joe when she sings the lyrics, “I did one thing right.” We can’t stop smiling.

Not only do we see these sweet moments play out between the couple, but Tay even talks about their relationship straight to the camera (without naming names, of course).

She says that she was “falling in love with someone who had a wonderful, normal, balanced kind of life” during the chaos of the 2016 Kimye scandal. She also mentioned that they decided early on that they would keep their relationship private.

We hope Swift and Alwyn continue to be “just happy” forever. Okay, excuse us—we’re going to go watch Miss Americana for the second time.