Is it Scooter Braun? Is it Karlie Kloss? IS IT BOTH?!

Olivia Harvey
Jan 08, 2021 @ 1:42 pm
Credit: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images for Netflix

In her just-released deluxe version of her latest album Evermore, Taylor Swift included two bonus tracks, one of which is titled "it's time to go." Doing what they do best, Swifties are currently dissecting the song on social media and some believe the track mentions both her drama with Scooter Braun as well as her dissolving friendship with model Karlie Kloss. And TBH, the lyrical evidence is pretty compelling.

"It's time to go" is about that gut feeling one gets when it's clear that a situation is no longer worth fighting for and it's better if one just walks away from it altogether. In the first verse of the song, Swift sings, "When the words of a sister, come back in whispers / That prove she was not / in fact, what she seemed / Not a twin from your dreams / She's a crook who was caught."

The mention of "sister" and "twin" immediately caught fans' attention due to the fact that Swift and Kloss were often called twins in tabloids, and their friendship was tight up until recently when Swift was absent from both of Kloss and husband Joshua Kushner's wedding events. Swift also nixed Kloss's name from her "squad" shirt in her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video that same year.

In another verse, Swift sings, "Fifteen years, 15 million tears / Begging 'til my knees bled / I gave it my all, he gave me nothing at all / Then wondered why I left / Now he sits on his throne in his palace of bones / Praying to his greed / He's got my past frozen behind glass / But I've got me," which all points to Swift's crumbled relationship with her former manager Braun, who gained control of and ultimately sold her masters for $300 million this past year.

There are other bits to the song that do not seem to be directly correlated to Swift's life, but the details sprinkled throughout "it's time to go" are too specific to ignore.

Furthermore, the lyric from her other bonus track "right where you left me" that goes, "Friends break up, friends get married / Strangers get born, strangers get buried," could also point to a "friend breakup" between Swift and Kloss. The split could have been caused by Kloss's relationship with a Kushner (perhaps too close for comfort to the Trump administration for Swift's liking).

No doubt the speculation will continue as fans listen to the tracks on repeat for the days to come. But they're definitely onto something as of right now.