Taylor Swift may be famous for writing songs about the people in her life, but in a new interview, the singer revealed there are people she doesn’t write about. In the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Swift admitted to former model and photographer Pattie Boyd that some people in her life just don’t inspire new music.

Swift and Boyd — the ex-wife and former muse to both George Harrison and Eric Clapton — opened up about the songwriting process, with Boyd telling Swift about the very relatable moment that inspired the legendary Clapton song, “Wonderful Tonight.”

Admitting Clapton wrote the song after she took too long to get ready one evening, Boyd suggested to Swift that small, casual moments can often be the cause of inspiration. She then inquired about Swift’s own experience being inspired by her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Sidestepping Boyd’s reference to Alwyn, Swift said that she can’t quite pin down why she’s inspired to write about a particular person.

The “Delicate” singer added that there are plenty of people in her life that don’t inspire her music.

Is this a sign she won’t be releasing any more tracks about Alwyn? Considering Swift’s songs are famously analyzed for hidden references and double meanings, this explanation also may be Swift’s way of encouraging fans to not read into her songs so much.

In the interview, Boyd also opened up to Swift about being married to Harrison at the height of Beatlemania, revealing that many Beatles fans felt a lot of animosity toward her for being married to one of the most iconic musicians and on occasion she was harassed by them, which Swift called her “worst nightmare.” The entire fascinating conversation between the pop star and legendary muse can be found here. The pair also talk about being thrust into fame, Boyd’s famous exes, and owning their pasts.