In badass women who are not here for the drama news, Taylor Swift made it clear that she and singer Hayley Kiyoko are not, in fact, feuding in any way.

It all began in an interview with Refinery29, when Kiyoko, who is an openly gay woman, revealed that she often faces backlash for portraying same-gender relationships in her videos.

While most understood that Kiyoko merely meant to point out a double standard within the music industry, some of Swift’s fans took issue.

The conversation became so big that Taylor Swift herself weighed in — and she said she knew exactly what Kiyoko was talking about. Even further, she applauded the singer for being so open and honest.

Kiyoko went on Twitter to say that she appreciated Swift’s response.

We’re so glad that Swift weighed in to put this non-feud to rest and that she used her position of privilege to speak up on this issue. And we, too, applaud Hayley Kiyoko for speaking her truth.