Sophy Ziss
March 13, 2018 4:34 pm

When Taylor Swift dropped the music video for “Delicate” during the iHeart Radio Awards, fans had mixed feelings. Some loved seeing the star shake off her bad reputation and awkward dance to her heart’s content, but others thought it looked a little too familiar. Where the latter is concerned, some Twitter users are accusing Taylor Swift of ripping off director Spike Jonze in her “Delicate” video, and tbh, there are similarities.

The video for “Delicate” and the Kenzo perfume ad, which was directed by Jonze, do have a lot in common. In the “Delicate” video, Taylor Swift breaks free of a stuffy, overwhelming event and follows what her heart really wants: to goof around. She dances freely and makes funny faces to herself in a mirror, all while wearing a bomb jewel-toned gown. In Spike Jonze’s perfume ad, the lead character leaves a fancy dinner and does pretty much the exact same thing. Did Twitter notice? Of course Twitter did.

Users were quick to point out the similarities between the “Delicate” video and the Jonze ad and, as per usual, did not hold back.

One called the Swift music video “the poor man’s” version of the Jonze’s ad. Ouch.

Someone else thinks it’s a whole Jonze ripoff ~conspiracy~.

A user joked that it was a collaboration between the two.

One music fan pointed out that even the Kenzo ad wasn’t so original either.

This person suggested it was a remake, and you can tell by their tone that they aren’t *exactly* pleased by it.

When you watch the videos back-to-back, they do look pretty similar.

But that’s hardly proof of a rip-off.

Taylor Swift’s people haven’t commented on the similarities but, intentional or not, they seem kind of hard to deny. Still, both videos are totally enjoyable, and if Swift and Kenzo star Margaret Qualley ever want to have a bonkers dance-off, we’re so there.