Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:29 am

On Sunday, March 11th, at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Taylor Swift released her “Delicate” music video. And Swifties instantly fell in love. The meaning behind the “Delicate” music video is actually pretty touching. It shows Swift dancing like nobody’s watching, accepting herself, and not caring what anybody thinks of her. She’s literally invisible to those around her. Swift is sending a powerful message that she thinks people only truly “see” her when she’s involved in tabloid drama. And with the “Delicate” music video, she’s showing us who she really is: a goofy girl who just loves to dance.

When it comes to Taylor Swift music videos, there’s always a deeper meaning to what you see on the surface. Swift is known for hiding Easter eggs and peppering in references about her friends, relationships, haters, personal life — you name it, and she’s not-so-secretly called it out in a music video.

At this point, finding Easter eggs in Taylor Swift videos is a sport for Swifties. And time and time again, we’re amazed at how skilled her fans are at spotting her references. Minutes after Swift dropped her “Delicate” music video, the hypothesizing began. One especially eagle-eyed Swiftie, Lisa Hiser, made a “Delicate” music video review to help break down what she noticed. Let’s take a look at some of the “Delicate” music video Easter eggs she spotted, and a few that other Swifties noticed.

For starters, Swift is wearing her snake ring the entire time.

Blink or you’ll miss it, but if you know what you’re looking for, you can spot the bling on Swift’s right had at a few points during the vid.

The word “Delicate” appears in a few places too.

If you zoom in on the computer screen during this particularly balletic dance sequence, you’ll see that the name of the hotel is Hotel Delicat. Sneaky.

Here’s a closer look.

Credit: Taylor Swift / www.youtube.com

Here’s the word “Delicate” again. This time, the words “It’s Delicate” are spray painted on a garage door during her dance sequence in the rain.

Here’s a closer look.

Credit: Taylor Swift / www.youtube.com

While Swift is dancing in the alley, we also see the word “Reputation”…

Credit: Taylor Swift / www.youtube.com

As well as the phrase “Echoes of your footsteps,” which is a lyric from “Delicate.”

Credit: Taylor Swift / www.youtube.com

When Swift moves her dance skills to the train station, we see her grooving in front of a pillar spray-painted with the words “Track 5.”

Nope, that’s not train station signage. It’s a nod to the fact that “Delicate” is track #5 on Reputation.

Here’s a closer look.

Credit: Taylor Swift / www.youtube.com

And we can’t ignore the symbolism of Tay dancing in the rain.

It’s something she’s done since day one, and it’s classic Old Taylor. She’s happiest and the most “herself” when she’s dancing in the rain.

Also in that scene is a reference to Swift’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Did you spot the Joe’s Deli sign in the top left corner? (Deli? Deli-cate? Get it?)

Credit: Taylor Swift / www.youtube.com

And did you spot the getaway car in the alley?

The car, on the right of the screen, could be a hint that her next single will be fan favorite “Getaway Car.”

Finally, at the end of the “Delicate” music video, Swift enters a dive bar called the Golden Gopher.

Yep, it’s a nod to the lyrics, “Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?” She’s answering the call from her secret admirer and meeting him here.

Credit: Taylor Swift / www.youtube.com

Some Swifties theorize that Alwyn himself actually appears in the final scene.

Do you think that’s him, blurred out, all the way on the right? It doesn’t really look like him, but hey, you never know.

Watch Lisa Hiser break down all of the “Delicate” Easter eggs below.

And, if you still haven’t seen the “Delicate” music video, give that a watch too!

We’re so glad the old Taylor isn’t dead.