Rachel Sanoff
August 17, 2016 3:48 pm
Simply the Basics/Facebook

The devastating floods in Louisiana have already forced approximately 11,000 people into homeless shelters, and folks in homeless shelters often do not have access to basic hygiene products — especially products like tampons and pads.

Simply the Basics is an organization that began in San Francisco when founder, Meghan Freebeck, organized a feminine hygiene products drive to provide tampons and pads to homeless women in the area. On the org’s website, Freebeck says that in two days, the “hygiene bank” they’d started could provide products to every homeless menstruating person in the city.

Despite being SF-based, Simply the Basics is now using their organizing power to send tampons and pads to the people left homeless in Louisiana.

The group is connecting with charity and non-profit groups based in Louisiana to calculate how many feminine products are needed by evacuees. Simply the Basics will then send over tampons and pads for local organizations to disperse to those shelter residents.

Freebeck told the Huffington Post:

“We will do the leg work, so they can focus on caring for the people.”

Menstruation should not be an extra stressor when you are already handling a natural disaster and any accompanying danger. By providing these much needed health supplies to Louisiana, Simply the Basics is helping folks with periods stay as comfortable and sanitary as possible while they persevere through this trying time.

You can help out here.