Nicole Cord-Cruz
February 05, 2018 3:03 pm

“Will you play?” Netflix asks in one of its latest teasers. And frankly, we don’t even know how to answer that question because the weird and mysterious Tamborine trailer is hurting our brains.

The streaming behemoth dropped a 40-second teaser that gives away absolutely nothing. Instead, it just shows tambourines shaking against a dark background, creating sounds that are equal parts terrifying and intriguing. Is it a movie? Is it a TV show? Who is starring? And when is it dropping? NO. ONE. KNOWS.

Ever since the teaser dropped, people have started taking guesses as to what Tamborine actually is. Some folks on Twitter jokingly insist it’s a Sense8 promotion, while some Redditors — like aYearOfPrompts —  are betting that Tamborine could be a choose-your-own-adventure show for adults.

The latter could actually make a ton of sense, seeing as Netflix has expressed an interest in choose-your-own-adventure in the past — per Bloomberg, as aYearOfPrompts points out. And this format is already present in Netflix children programs like Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and BuddyThunderstruck: The Maybe Pile, where viewers are given the option to pick how they want the story to evolve.

Then again, this is Netflix we’re talking about here — which just surprise-dropped The Cloverfield Paradox — so who knows what’s going on. But if choose-your-own-adventure is the case, then we’re in for a wild ride. The question now is: Why would Netflix choose to tease Tamborine (note the lack of “u,” because that has to mean something, right?) with percussion instruments? What does it mean?? We’re going crazy over here!

Other Reddittheories include a Whiplash or Drumline-type of film, but with tambourines. Some say it could be about Tamborine, an actual mountain located in Australia, while others believe it could be an Arrested Development reference.

So, Netflix, what’s good? Can you just tell us what it’s about already? Drop more clues, please and thank you!