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So many amazing things have happened in America over the past few years, and it’s so incredible to see that kind of growth throughout the world, as well. It’s just been reported that Taiwan is starting to fight for marriage equality, and we can’t be happier for those in the LGBT community to watch this change occur.

One of the things that the Democratic Progressive Party, under President Tsai Ing-wen, is currently fighting to change is the wording in the way that Taiwan defines a marriage.

Instead of “man and woman,” they’re hoping to reword it as “two people,” which will give some more freedom towards the LGBT community who wish to get married to their partner of the same sex.

Credit: Craig Ferguson / LightRocket / Getty Images

As of right now, LGBT couples also don’t receive any parental rights, which is something else that community members are hoping to fix. Taiwan in general is known for being pretty progressive already, but making these changes would be such a big step forward.

Credit: Craig Ferguson / LightRocket / Getty Images

Mei-nu is a female politician who has served with the Legislative Yuan since 2012. She’s best known for her support for both women’s rights and same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

And just like that, Mei-nu rose to hero-status, especially for fellow Democrats. We’re so proud of Taiwan for making this issue heard, and for being fearless when it comes to changing and updating laws.