Sydney Bucksbaum
Updated Feb 07, 2018 @ 1:11 pm

Raise your hand if you still can’t believe that Marvel actually chose Taika Waititi to do a big Marvel movie, let alone gave him absolute free reign the entire time? The end result was a hilariously niche buddy comedy set in space, which none of us knew we needed until it graced our movie screens. And bless that wonderful soul who managed to get approval on that extremely out-there hiring, because the press tour surrounding Thor: Ragnarok is just the gift that keeps on giving. And the winner continues to be all of us on the internet.

Oh, you thought that just because Thor: Ragnarok has been in theaters for months that the headlines surrounding New Zealand’s unofficial ambassador would disappear with the passage of time? You sweet innocent child, we’re only onto Phase Two! Marvel is about to debut the home release of Thor: Ragnarok, and along with the actual film, the digital release (available February 20th) and 4K and Blu-ray (available March 6th) also include bonus features like this incredible introduction to the movie from director Waititi himself.

Debuted exclusively on, the clip shows Waititi at his absolute finest, going off on how sorry he is to his parents for not turning out to be J.J. Abrams (been there) and why he only made this film “for kudos, and followers on Twitter” (honestly, that is the most relatable thing he’s ever said). But you haven’t really lived until you’ve heard Waititi attempt to do his job and explain the plot of Thor: Ragnarok. Try to keep a straight face, we dare you.

“Ultimately this film is about Thor…Ragnarok…and his journey to some outer space places,” Waititi says. Okay, to be fair, it sounds much better than it looks written out. Check out his full interview in all his Taika Waititi-ness below:

After watching that, we should all just adopt his sign off phrase: “Full respect from Taika Waititi from New Zealand.” But don’t forget those snaps and that wink.