This woman spent her 101st birthday at Taco Bell, because longevity and gorditas go hand-in-hand

We’ve heard of Taco Bell weddings and Taco Bell Senior Portraits, but this Taco Bell birthday party takes the literal cake. When Ruth Parker was mulling over how to celebrate her 101st birthday, one name naturally beat out all the rest: Taco Bell. Parker has been eating at her local Illinois location every Tuesday and Wednesday for the past 20 years, so when her birthday fell on a Wednesday, she went to her favorite fast food joint just like any other week.

“We celebrate every birthday here,” Parker told KFVS-12. “I feel alright. I feel good at 101, I guess.”

When she arrived at the restaurant, it was decorated with balloons and streamers in her honor because the employees adore Parker’s weekly appearances.

"We all know Miss Ruth and we all make her a part of our lives and talk to her," Store Manager Rebecca Gefro told the news outlet. "We just love her to death."

Gefro said that she was there the first time “Miss Ruth” established her so-called residency nearly 20 years ago. Parker admitted that she started going to Taco Bell because she was just looking for a place to read her newspaper and have a coffee—which they didn’t serve at the time—but an employee made her a cup anyway, and it was a match made in fast food heaven.

“They were just so nice to me that I’ve been coming back ever since,” Parker explained in the same interview.

Oh and because we knew you were wondering, Parker’s favorite menu item is the Nacho Fries. We stan a 101-year-old Taco Bell-eating legend.