Taco Bell has been killing it lately. First, they introduced nacho fries, and now, you’re going to love the latest addition to the menu. Taco Bell has new, cheesy $1 menu items, and they all sound like they’re definitely worth a quick trip through the drive-thru.

In an April 3rd press release from the fast food chain, Taco Bell announced the Triple Melt Nachos and Triple Melt Burrito — both of which are just $1. These new items will be available nationwide starting April 5th, so if these sound delicious to you, you’ll be able to try them in just a few days. Get excited.

They both feature seasoned beef, a shredded three cheese blend, plus the brand’s signature nacho cheese, and seriously, what’s not to LOVE about that? Taco Bell $1 menu, here we come.

If you live in Cincinnati, you may have already tried these new menu items, since they were tested there last year. And Taco Bell is still testing more food, so it sounds like other, brand new $1 items could be on the way. The company is currently testing $1 Beefy Crunch Burritos in Chattanooga, Tennessee until July, and if they’re popular, they may end up on menus everywhere. It’s a good time to live near a Taco Bell, y’all.

Oh, and if you want to try out the new Triple Melt Burrito but you’re super hungry, you can also get it in a $5 box. Basically, everyone wins.

Okay, fine, Taco Bell $1 menu. You’ve got us. We’re not about to turn down $1 cheese-related products, TBH.