Jessica Booth
March 06, 2018 2:16 pm

In May 2017, Skittles announced that it would be releasing a new set of flavors: Sweet Heat Skittles, also known as “spicy Skittles.” If you think that sounds kind of odd, you’re not alone — after the initial announcement last year, many fans seemed less than thrilled with the new direction for this sweet candy. And now that the new flavors are here, it seems like many are decidedly not into the taste. People are leaving very bad reviews on the new Sweet Heat Skittles, and they are definitely worth checking out.

Sweet Heat Skittles are supposed to be a mix of both spicy and sweet flavors, and they include Blazin’ Mango, Fiery Watermelon, Flamin’ Orange, Lemon Spark, and Sizzlin’ Strawberry.

The packaging is very different from the normal red Skittles bag we’re all used to: It’s black, emblazoned with red and orange flames. This is a very new direction for Skittles, and while not all of the reviews are terrible, a lot of them are so bad, we couldn’t help but laugh.

The candy was only recently released, so it’s still a little too early to tell if it’s a major fail or not, but these reviews aren’t very promising.

Many of the disastrous reviews can be found on a Facebook promo video that Skittles posted at the end of February.

Some of the funniest bad reviews are below:

“Worst Skittle flavors ever… Recall all remaining Sweet Heat Skittles and burn the recipe… Never make them again.” – Kyle N Ferstl

“Literally tried to eat some of these and my mouth went numb. The heat was tasting like a artificial chemical burn on my tongue after a minute of eating them. Threw them away right after that happened and have not eaten Skittles since.” – Brian Fleischmann

“Where the ‘gross’ react, Facebook?” – Andrew M Wahl

“Who’s idea was this? Bet they got fired.” – Brandon Delph

Twitter users were also not big fans:

But it’s not all bad — some people actually seem to love them!

As with any other kind of food, whether you like this or not depends on your personal preferences. And now we’re oddly tempted to try them ourselves…