Super Bowl Food
Credit: rojoimages/Getty Images

Whether you’re a football fanatic or couldn’t care less about the sport, Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect excuse to gather with your friends for a party. And no party is complete without an abundance of tasty food. But in just-after-January 2018, it’s likely that either you or at least a few of your guests and fellow partygoers are on the Whole30 program.

Because the program’s strict rules include no drinking alcohol, it’s even more important to have delicious Whole30 dishes at your Super Bowl party. If you’re on the program yourself, finding recipes should be a snap for you. But things get a little tricky for those of us who aren’t on the program and don’t know all the ins and outs of its rules.

Don’t fret — these five delicious recipes will be a hit with all your guests, even if they’re not on the Whole30 program.

1Harissa Meatballs

Credit: A Cozy Kitchen

Meatballs are the ultimate comfort food and this recipe is totally flavorful. (Who says you can’t have fun on the Whole30 program?) They can be made with ground chicken, lamb, beef, or turkey — and word on the street (well, on the food blog) is that they’re delicious paired with spaghetti squash.

2Superfood Sweet Potato Hash

Credit: Wholefully

A savory hash is most commonly associated with breakfast, but let’s be honest — it’s delicious at any time of day, especially when your options are limited. This dish works best with fresh produce (natch) and the recipe includes directions on how to tweak the dish to be Whole30 and paleo-friendly.

3Salt & Pepper Plantain Chips with Chimichurri Sauce

Credit: The Urban Poser

Instead of potato chips, try these crispy plantain chips — you won’t regret it. To give them an extra kick, whip up the chimichurri sauce; it’s Whole30 compliant, too.

4Lettuce-Wrap Chicken Fajitas

Credit: The Brewer & The Baker

Instead of tortillas, this recipe uses lettuce to pull together fajitas. If you’re thinking that sounds a little “meh,” the recipe’s author is way ahead of you. There is a perfect solution to make the dish flavorful — the addition of goat cheese (yum!) and a chicken-marinade/wet rub that’s quick and easy to make.

5Mexican Egg Baked Sweet Potatoes

Credit: Food Fanatic

If Whole30 participants are missing potato skins on Super Bowl Sunday, they’ll be all over this healthier version that uses sweet potatoes and an avocado sauce. Lime zest, taco seasoning, and fresh lime juice make them anything but bland.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, and (more importantly) happy eating!