Olivia Harvey
January 31, 2018 11:38 am
AkoSiKalvnKlein / twitter.com

Early this morning, many of us set our alarms so we could catch a glimpse of the super blood blue moon. However, many of us did not. If you managed to sleep through the pre-dawn lunar eclipse/cosmic phenomenon that hasn’t happened in over 150 years, these super blood blue moon memes might cheer you up.

What made the moon such a special sight this morning was the fact that a lot was going on. It’s the second full moon in January, for starters, thus making it a blue moon. It’s also the third of three consecutive supermoons. Finally, it was supposed to be tinted red upon being eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow.

And yes, that all sounds amazing (because it is a truly remarkable event). But honestly, some of us weren’t impressed. Even the most thrilling natural phenomena aren’t safe from the likes of Twitter.

You see, many people were expecting to be stunned into silence by the moon’s appearance. We’ve seen some crazy-cool photos of supermoons and Blood Moons in the past. They take up the entire night sky and look sinister-yet-beautiful with their reddish hue.

Unfortunately, a lot of sky-gazers didn’t exactly see that when they woke up this morning. Those whose expectations weren’t met immediately took to Twitter to air their grievances.

Others created their own super blood blue moon reality.

And all those weird effects the super blood blue moon was supposed to have on some sensitive people? Sorry — not buying it!

Although the moon’s peak was early this morning, you’ll still be able to absorb some of its glory tonight. Make your own judgements and then share them on Twitter.