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Sarah Catherine
April 28, 2018 2:29 pm

Let’s be honest, no one actually wants to spend the warmest months of the year stuck inside an office making copies between coffee runs. So why not ditch the conventional summer internship for something much more magical?

Brian Kelly — aka the man behind travel website The Points Guy and adorable Instagram account The Points Pups — is hiring an associate for a summer internship that sounds pretty much perfect for any dog lover. You’ll get paid to hang out with pups and post their adorable mugs on Instagram. No, this is not a dream — just a dream job.

According to the “Barketing Associate” job posting, the dog internship will include traveling to warm, sunny places like south Florida to help with social media marketing that focuses on how to best travel with pets.

"You’ll spend your summer days working from the TPG office with us, developing our social media following and growing TPG's traveling pet content, all while having the best bosses ever," the job posting reads. "At the end of your internship, not only will we walk away lifelong pals, but you'll also have helped build our extensive pet travel report — a guide that looks at the best hotels, airlines and more for pet travel."

The best part? You’ll also make bank. The summer internship pays $20 an hour, and the selected intern will work between 25 and 40 hours per week.

Puppies and a paycheck? Sign us up!

Of course, your main responsibility will include becoming very close with these three puppers:

BRB, we’re updating our resumes to include our pup-petting skills.

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