stream March for our Lives

Today, March 24th, 2018, people from all across the country and world, both young and old, will participate in the March for Our Lives. Spurred by the tragic increase of recent school shootings, marches will take place in over 800 different cities, meaning that there’s a high chance your nearby one yourself, and can join in with the others taking a stand against gun violence because enough is enough. However, if there isn’t a march conveniently located to you, or you have other Saturday plans (and that’s totally okay!) there are plenty of ways to stream March for Our Lives.

Just about all the major cable news networks will stream the march online, and you have your choice of where you want to watch — or you know, watch all of them. Most networks are spending all day focusing on March for Our Lives coverage, with live updates pushed out across their social media, websites, Facebook, and even all-day live streams on YouTube.

ABC News is live-streaming everything on YouTube, C-SPAN has a way for you to watch the entire march from the very beginning of the day in case you missed something, and the official March for Our Lives Facebook page will be streaming everything there as well, along with on their YouTube channel and Twitter page.