For the past two seasons, Stranger Things has been our go-to show for ’80s nostalgia and monster-hunting adventures. And since Season 2 ended, we’ve been wondering what horror the gang will battle next—and have been especially eager to see how their group dynamic will evolve. On March 20th, we got our first glimpse of what’s next in the Stranger ThingsSeason 3 trailer, and fans are rejoicing about one specific (and feminist!) detail.

As you may remember, Eleven and Max got off on the wrong foot in Season 2, when Max moved to Hawkins from California. Despite being the only two girls in the group, they just couldn’t seem to get along—partly because Eleven was jealous after seeing Mike talking to Max alone. Listen, the trope of two girls fighting over a boy is tired at best (and in this case, Max wasn’t even interested in Mike). But thankfully, it seems like they’re in a much better place now.

And Twitter is all about it.



The Season 3 trailer also gives us more Steve and Dustin, and YES.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Stranger Things without monsters…and the trailer definitely delivered.

Watch the full Stranger Things Season 3 trailer in all its glory below:

We can’t wait to see this friendship in action when the new season premieres on July 4th.