It’s never too early to plan for Halloween, and Universal Studios knows it. This week, they announced that Netflix hit Stranger Things is getting a Halloween Horror Nights maze, and we’re so excited, and so scared already.

There will be *three* Stranger Things mazes available worldwide, so you have options if you’re dying to visit the Upside Down: There will be a Stranger Things/Halloween Horror Nights maze at the Hollywood, CA location, the Orlando, FL, location, and Universal Studios Singapore. That’s right! Love of all things Hawkins extends all the way to Singapore. Too cool.

Here’s how Universal is describing the Stranger Things event:

Oh, but wait. There’s more! Fans can expect “the chittering, predatory Demogorgon…to stalk unwitting guests as they encounter iconic scenes, characters, and environments from the mesmerizing series” in the maze. Yes, please! Now, they likely won’t let you in with an axe or a baseball bat with nails in it. But, there’s no reason to suspect they’d prevent you from bringing in your Eggo waffles, right?

The Stranger Things Halloween event will only be based on Season 1 of the show, so if you haven’t caught up yet, no worries! And TBH, that’s *probably* for the best. One Demogorgon was enough. Imagine a pack of them stalking you throughout the maze! Even if they’re misleadingly cute at first.

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off in September, so book your tickets now for the best possible deal.