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Stranger Things‘s third season ended up giving us a whole new crop of outfits to discuss. There was Eleven’s ’80s-tastic shirt and suspenders combo (not to mention all those scrunchies), Billy’s lifeguard bathing suit (which actually came from H&M), and Hopper’s pink Hawaiian button-up, which he wore for a fancy night out (no spoilers here). Still, the one costume that truly stood out to us? Steve and Robin’s Scoops Ahoy uniform, aka what both characters wore while working at the mall and during their eight-episode-long adventure. It’s a look that is immediately recognizable to those who’ve binged, so it’s not too surprising that it’s already being sold as a Halloween costume.

Yes, we understand that it’s July, but is it ever too soon to start planning what you’ll wear come October 31st?

It’s the one night per year you get to dress up as your favorite characters and icons, so why not snag this baby now and skip any pre-holiday panic? Spirit Halloween is currently selling Robin’s full outfit for a total of $44.99, and that includes her badges, patches, hat, a 2-in-1 shirt and vest, and, finally, her shorts. There’s also the possibility of pairing up with a pal or significant other: Steve’s uniform is also available for $50, so you’ll be able to go as a duo and really get the full effect.

Of course, we know it’s not long before more looks from this season hit stores (Dustin’s camp shirt is also available at Spirit), but, if you really enjoyed this Stranger Things storyline, or are looking to score the hottest costume of the season (it’ll probably be this year’s pink dress and blonde wig pairing), you’ll want to add this one to cart before the rest of the fandom catches on.

Robin Scoops Ahoy Uniform

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Spirit Halloween

Steve Scoops Ahoy Uniform

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Spirit Halloween

We’ll be counting down the days until we can wear this cute getup on Halloween. Or maybe we’ll just occasionally wear it around our house until then.