Kenya Foy
March 11, 2017 11:05 am
Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

If we asked everyone who traveled by plane this year to provide a personal airport horror story, we could easily compile enough accounts for an anthology. Unfortunately, people behaving badly in airports is commonplace, but a stranger who recently bought a plane ticket for a toddler in need just helped our faith in humanity grow by leaps and bounds.

We’re convinced that one of the reasons flying makes some people nervous is the stressful pre-boarding experience, which is why our hearts go out to this dad and the stranger who bought his daughter a $749 ticket.

According to Mashable, when the father approached the the ticketing counter to check in for his flight, the agent informed him that he needed to purchase a ticket for his daughter, who he presumed could fly for free because she had only recently turned 2. He became understandably distressed when the agent told him his daughter needed a ticket as well, and that’s when an onlooker who overheard the story stepped in and purchased the last-minute ticket on the spot.

A witness who observed the generosity shared the story on the Love What Matters Facebook page, writing that the woman should be commended.

“The agent kept talking about her goosebumps while the man hugged the woman and asked for her name to repay her,” the post reads. “The woman just kept saying, ‘Don’t worry about it.'”

While the woman’s identity hasn’t been revealed publicly, several people who commented on the post claim to know her, with one person writing, “She is an inspiration every time I see her and is constantly giving freely.”

Well, we are certainly inspired! We hope she knows that the impact of her random act of kindness goes far beyond the two people she helped.