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Admit it. You’ve definitely gotten into someone else’s car at least once in your life before realizing it’s not yours, have a heart attack, and run away while you pray that no one saw you accidentally break and enter. That’s basically what happened to this woman in Portland, but instead of realizing her mistake and running away, her friend accidentally stole a Subaru in Portland. Apparently, a woman’s friend was asked to pick up her Suburu from a specific address, and so the friend picked up a Subaru.

Only the car didn’t belong to her friend, and so its owners reported their car stolen. We can only imagine how confused they were when they watched the security tape that showed a woman texting while casually STEALING THEIR CAR.

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Erin Hatzi, owner of the stolen car, realized her Subaru was missing from the driveway. After watching the security footage and panicking, obvi, Erin and her husband called the police and reported the theft. If there is actually some kind of god or otherwise divine being, we like to imagine this is their version of a sitcom, and they were laughing hysterically from on high.

The police didn’t even need to do anything — the next day, the car was returned to Erin’s driveway.

The car was replaced with a note and $30 for gas money (so considerate, all things considered.) We’re basically going to be laughing at this awkward note forever.

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Anything that begins with “So sorry I stole your car” is comedy gold. This literally couldn’t have been planned any better if it had actually been a Portlandia sketch.