It’s been 13 years since The 40-Year-Old Virgin blessed audiences with the iconic chest-waxing scene…you know, the one in which Steve Carell infamously yells the name of OG American Idol Kelly Clarkson. In that time, the clip has become a surprisingly enduring meme—and, as it turns out, a source of embarrassment for Carell.

In a November 15th appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Carell told host Jimmy Fallon that he met Clarkson for the first time ever in January. The Office star said, “She’s the best,” but he also confessed that he was totally nervous.

The idea cracked Fallon up, but Carell continued by saying that he was afraid Clarkson might think, “Is he making fun of me? Why would he say that in anguish?'” But apparently, the real reason he yelled her name in the now-legendary scene was simply because he’s a fan.

Carell even managed to commemorate the historic meeting with a picture.

Watch Carell discuss the hilarious moment with Fallon below:

Clarkson shared her own thoughts about the scene with E!’s Jason Kennedy in May at the Billboard Music Awards, and it seems like the admiration is mutual.

We second this. All of this.