Stephen Curry may be one of the most famous basketball players in the NBA, but he’s also loved for being a devoted husband and father. In a new essay, Curry wrote about how his daughters Riley Curry and Ryan Curry have inspired him to fight for women’s equality—but makes it clear that male feminists should not be limited to “fathers of daughters.”

Yesterday, August 26th, was Women’s Equality Day, and to commemorate the occasion, Curry published an essay in The Players’ Tribune on the importance of gender equality. In his piece, titled, “This is Personal,” Curry wrote that the idea has become “a little more personal” to him as he’s watched Riley and Ryan grow.

But Curry stressed how critical it is for everyone to work toward equality, not just men who, like him, have daughters.

Curry is absolutely right: Gender equality should be considered and fought for year-round—not just on a single special day. And it seems like the Golden State Warriors player is doing his part to encourage young women. Later in the essay, he wrote about a basketball camp he hosted for girls, noting that in 2018, “You’re not world class if you’re not actively about inclusion.”

We need more men like Curry to stand up for gender equality, because (as Hillary Clinton once famously said), “women’s rights are human rights”—and it affects all of us.