colbert kitten
Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/

Stephen Colbert easily won last night’s Vice Presidential debate despite the fact that he was not actually onstage debating. The comedic host stole our hearts by finding a totally novel way to make politics too-cute-to-handle.

Colbert set up a “focus group” to study how they reacted to the Vice Presidential candidates filled with some of cutest little critters modern politicians have ever seen.

The group was comprised of playful, adorable, and totally adoptable kittens.

He streamed the entire debate live on his Facebook page so you could catch every moment of the meow-velous action, and included some “highlights” on his Twitter page.

Part of the inspiration for watching ten sweet kittens watch the debate, at least according to Colbert’s video, was because so many people know so little about the candidates. Yet, these kittens know even less than the average person, therefore they’d obviously be the ~most~ interesting to watch.

The kittens took a little bit to get warmed up to the idea, mostly using their pre-debate time to get situation with their surroundings and each other.

But once the debate began, it was game on.

There was the moment when a kitten was totally in love with Mike Pence.

Who could forget that memorable period when half the kittens decided to start napping?

When the kittens from opposing sides started to play with each other, everybody in America won.

The attempted escapes were riveting.

And then, of course, there was the heart-pumping instance when one successfully made a great escape.

Colbert understandably had a hard time focusing on his actual show once the debate was winding down.

Though politics can sometimes drive people apart, it’s fair to say that Colbert and the rest of his The Late Show crew found the purr-fect way to bring America back together.