On Tuesday, February 20th, about 100 students from Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School filed into busses and trekked to their state capitol. After losing 17 members of their high school community to a school shooter on February 14th, these students demanded that their lawmakers take action to limit access to guns and help save lives.

In his opening monologue that same day, Late Show host Stephen Colbert said that he stands with the Parkland students. The host said he’s disgusted by the inaction and blasé attitudes of some legislators regarding gun control.

Colbert suggested we change the voting age, stating that until gun control legislation is passed, no one over 18 should have the right to vote.

The students who bussed to Tallahassee did so with hope that lawmakers would reinstate a ban on assault weapons. Their lawmakers heard them out yet still voted against the ban. According to, 1.3 Floridians currently have a concealed carry permit.

As Colbert reminded us, 2018 is an election year, which means some of these students — and students all over the country — will be able to exercise their right to vote for the first time. We’re incredibly proud of the students at Parkland, and teenagers everywhere, who are uniting over this issue. These young people aren’t just the future — they’re shaping it now.