Karen Belz
February 02, 2018 7:55 am
Remy_Loz / Unsplash

Even though it’s February, we’re not out of the woods just yet as far as winter storms and weather are concerned. Those of us who live on the eastern side of the United States will be hit with Arctic blast weather, meaning that bitter cold and snow will threaten to hit us throughout the next few days. So, you might want to bundle up.

According to ABCNews, the Arctic Blast is moving east from the Midwest. Currently, Kentucky, Tennessee, and areas of West Virginia are preparing for one to three inches of snow. Those who live in-between Washington, D.C. and Boston should expect to see some rain that’ll eventually turn into snow. It’s gonna be wet and chilly conditions for most of the eastern U.S.

This morning, towns like Buffalo, New York faced a wind chill of -4 degrees, while the actual temperature is hovering just above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, it was one degree at 9 a.m this morning, and it reportedly felt like -17 degrees. It’s expected to get to a tropical 12 degrees in the early afternoon.

While it’s always a gamble to have the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year, temperatures in Minneapolis this Sunday — where the Eagles will be taking on the Patriots — are expected to range between zero and eight degrees, according to the Weather Channel.

The best way to prepare for this Arctic blast is to make sure you’re keeping warm. Always make sure to stay alert when it comes to road safety, and watch for the wind.

Just remember — it’s only four months until summer.