Sydney Bucksbaum
February 06, 2018 4:34 pm

Every few months, Starbucks tries to one-up its last trendy new drink order. But more often than not, calling things like the Unicorn Frappuccino “coffee” is extremely generous, since these drinks tend to have more sugar and flavored syrup and coloring than actual caffeine. With the latest holiday drink announcement, however, Starbucks seems to have listened to our collective prayers. The brand included the most important aspect of a coffee drink in its new limited edition order: Caffeine!

The Cherry Mocha, Starbucks’ latest invention, is supposed to taste like a chocolate covered cherry in coffee form, so coffee orders are about to get real sensual at the office. (And since the new drink order doesn’t hit stores until tomorrow, this writer was unable to confirm at press time whether or not the coffee conglomerate actually achieved its intended flavor.) The Cherry Mocha features espresso, a slightly sweet mocha sauce, candied cherry syrup, steamed milk, and is topped with whipped cream and special Valentine’s Day sprinkles, which all sounds delicious. And like Starbucks hit the jackpot with this one. Available in either hot or iced or blended, the Valentine’s Day drink will only be available for one week in the U.S. and Canada leading up to the actual holiday on February 14th.

But wait, there’s more Valentine’s Day goodness where that comes from. Starbucks is also introducing two new treats to pair with the Cherry Mocha: the Confetti Hearts Cake Pops (chocolate cake on the inside, milk chocolate icing on the outside with sprinkles) and heart-shaped sugar cookies with white or pink frosting and sprinkles. Because when you think of Valentine’s Day, you think of nonstop eating of sweet treats, right?


Just the fact alone that the Cherry Mocha contains actual espresso in it is already a point in the win column, because honestly, who are these monsters that keep inventing Starbucks drinks without any caffeine in them? This Cherry Mocha just sounds like a regular mocha with a hint of cherry flavoring, which is really all we need from a morning caffeine fix. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or Singles’ Awareness Day, this new Starbucks drink is something we can all enjoy together…or alone. Your choice.