Gina Vaynshteyn
April 01, 2015 10:01 am

Even though the birthday cake Frappuccino was gone before we could say “hold the whip” Starbucks is making it up to us with tasty fruit and veggie smoothies (and probably making Jamba Juice super cranky in the process). Announced yesterday, Starbucks stated that this new line of beverages are to be called “Evolution Fresh Smoothies,” and they’ll be comprised of the brand’s Evolution Fresh juices and Dannon yogurts.

According to Grub Street, the smoothies come in three different flavors: strawberry, mango carrot, and sweet greens (which is just basically a medley of almost every green veggie you can think of). Starbucks is even letting us go a little wild by letting us add extra kale and protein powder to our drinks, if we so choose. (Thanks, Starbucks!)

The price is somewhere between a muffin and a sandwich—at $5.95 a pop.

Even though the Evolution Fresh smoothie is no caramel macchiato, this IS a pretty healthy substitute for sugary coffee drinks. And while the beverage might not give you the energy of a five-year-old, it does provide over 20 percent of your daily fruit and veggie nutrition requirements, and the calorie content ranges from 170 to 230. So smoothie on, smoothie enthusiasts!

The Evolution Fresh president Jeff Hansberry let everyone know that the smoothies are “free from artificial sweeteners or fillers, just a unique, wholesome, snack or beverage.” According to Hansberry, the Evolution Fresh smoothie has been thoroughly tried and tested, and people really seem to dig it.

We’ll see when the Internet taste-testers get their hands on it—which should be in about T minus zero seconds. Bring on the reviews, Starbucks fans!

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