Ready for news that will make all of your dreams come true? Here it is: Starbucks is going to start selling cocktails. Yes, you read that correctly. On February 27th, the popular coffee chain announced that 1,000 future Starbucks stores will sell alcohol, and all we have to do is wait for them to finish being built and open.

The news comes after the opening of the first Starbucks Reserve store in Seattle, which features a brand new look and a brand new menu. Not only will this store serve premium Reserve label coffee, but it’s also offering up treats from Italian bakery Princi as well as a mixology bar where you can order booze (particularly Italian cocktails) after a long, hard day at work — or for no reason at all. Live your life.

Oh, and there’s also something called a coffee library in this store, which actually sounds like total heaven. These new stores will have a more laid-back, “marketplace” kind of feel, featuring fireplaces and comfy leather chairs — as well as plenty of coffee drinks that you can’t find on a menu at any other Starbucks location.

If you’re super into coffee, cocktails, the Starbucks brand, or all of the above, this sounds like the place for you.

The Seattle Reserve store is just the beginning. The chain plans to open up at least 1,000 other locations just like it throughout the country, so it might be time to start tweeting Starbucks to beg for one near your house, because this sounds like it’s going to be amazing.

So far, there aren’t any details about when we can expect these stores to open or where they will be, but fingers crossed it’ll happen really soon. Soon, we may live in a world where our favorite iced coffee and our favorite cocktail exist under the same roof, and that’s a beautiful thing.